When the sun sets so much earlier and the temperatures are dropped low, it can be hard to muster up enthusiasm for things, including open houses. Buyers might not get the excited feeling they do when the weather is warmer, so as a seller or Realtor, it’s your job to make your open house as memorable as possible. We have seven ideas how to make your open house stand out this winter!

Winter Open House Ideas | CBSHOME

Winter Open House Ideas | CBSHOME

  1. Lots of light

No matter what time of day your open house is, you’ll want to flood the home with light. Be sure to turn on lights and lamps and open blinds. If your windows are especially dirty, clean those to let even more natural light in the home.

  1. Scented candles

There is nothing worse than walking into an open house and immediately smelling something foul. Even if your home doesn’t emit an odor, make your house smells even better by lighting scented candles or plugging in wall scents. Another way to beat bad smells is to spray fabric freshener on couches, carpet and rugs.

  1. Warm beverage

If your open house is being hosted on an especially cold day, treat potential buyers to a steaming cup of hot cider or hot cocoa that can easily be made and transported in a crockpot. Keep disposable cups for easy clean up as well.

  1. Shoe covers

When there is snow on the ground, people come in with wet shoes which can track throughout the home. Instead of asking people to remove their shoes, which can be difficult when people have heavy-duty boots on, offer little booties that people can slip on over their shoes to keep the home clean. Keep a chair and a wide rug by the front door so people can easily take them on and off. This will help the house to stay cleaner for other showings.

  1. Comfortable temperature

When people come inside from the bitter cold, they want to be greeted by nice warm air. If the home is currently being lived in, keeping a comfortable temperature shouldn’t be that difficult, but if the home is vacant, think ahead and turn the heater on an hour or so before potential buyers arrive. Another tip is to keep the home warm, but not hot. People will have layers on and you don’t want them to get too warm. If someone is too hot or too cold in the home, they’ll want to leave earlier and not spend time touring the home like they should.

  1. Outside maintenance

Think ahead when planning an open house and check the weather. If there is snow or ice in the forecast, plan to have the driveway, sidewalks and patios shoveled and salted before potential buyers arrive. Not only will the home look more appealing to buyers when they see the grounds taken care of, you’ll be less likely to have someone slip and fall during the open house.

  1. Light the fireplace

If the home has a fireplace, you’ll probably want to have it lit to show it off, but having the fireplace on will also add more warmth to the house. Keeping the fireplace on will give the home a cozy, homey vibe that will make people feel at home.

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