The words you use to describe a house are the first impression any potential buyer has before seeing the actual house. Choose the wrong words and you could lose a sale before you even know it. Like it or not, certain words and phrases evoke images in people’s minds when read. Here are some tips and tricks for writing the perfect house description to get you and your client the best offer.

Tips to Make Your Listing Description Pop | CBSHOME

Tips to Make Your Listing Description Pop | CBSHOME

Be Blunt About the Numbers

Although words like “modern” or “traditional” might seem like the best way to describe a house’s age, stating the age outright is usually the better way to go. Words that vaguely hint at a house’s age could steer potential buyers in the wrong direction. “Modern” to one person may mean it was built in the last thirty years, while to another, the same word could strictly only apply to new construction. When it comes to talking about how old a house is, being straightforward is best. Other age words to stay away from are: “classic,” “state-of-the-art” and “original.”

Being Cutesy Doesn’t Cut It

It’s no secret that buyers are picking up on the code words for “small.” Cute, charming, quaint and cozy could be words that are plaguing your listing. Buyers might first be excited to live in a “cute, cozy” home, but when they get inside and realize it is not what they envisioned, they could feel let down. Other words that could also be hurting your listing description are: “potential,” “investment,” “fixer” and “unique.”

This is a Listing…Not a Tweet

Detail, detail, detail! Buyers want to know what the house is going to be like before the step foot inside. Don’t write a novel, but experts say that an average of 250 words is the ideal amount. But don’t fill up that space with nonsense. Your words have to matter and influence readers. Be sure to feature what the house has to offer. Include colorful words, but not fluff. Make sure your listing description is sharp, focused and accurate. You want to boast all the great things about the house without being over-the-top.

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