I recently accompanied a friend who’s thinking of getting into the real estate business to a CBSHOME Career Night. I found it to be very informative and certainly worth the time of all who attended.

Near the end of the presentation, I was asked: “As an long-time agent, what is the best thing you’ve found about being a Realtor?”

To me, it was a very easy answer. I simply said: “The entire time my kids were growing up, I never once had to ask a boss if I could take the day off to go watch a Christmas Program.” There are lots of other things I never had to ask for the day off for; like field trips, doctor visits, taking several days off while my son recuperated from surgery or the few years when I picked the kids up every day from middle school.

There are a lot of great aspects to our business, but far and away, in my mind the flexibility of our schedule for family time or personal obligations wins hands down. That is the BEST thing about Real Estate.

Yes, there is a great opportunity to make a very good living income wise. Of course, any good Realtor works a lot of hours; many of which to make up for taking those afternoons off with the kids.

Of course there’s also a flip side. I’ve seen many agents come and go in my years because they had ‘too flexible’ of a schedule. If they didn’t have a boss to tell them what time to be at work , they just didn’t work. But if you happen to have an ‘entreprenurial edge’ about you, being a Realtor might just be your ticket!

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