Back-to-School Supply List

Topics: Around The Home

School is starting up before you know it – are you ready? If you need to do some emergency back-to-school shopping for supplies, uses this list of suggestions to get it done quickly! Elementary School Backpack #2 pencils with erasers Crayons Glue sticks Pencil box Markers Notebook paper Pocket folders Colored pencils   Middle School […]

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Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day with Kids

Topics: Lifestyle

Back in your younger days you may have celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with an all-day drinking fest and claiming to be Irish for a day. But as you get older and start having kids, how can you celebrate this fun holiday with them? We found some family-friendly ways to celebrate with your kids that everyone […]

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An Interactive Map of the Best Neighborhoods for Trick-or-Treating in Omaha

Topics: Omaha

As kids get a little older, they like to expand their horizons when it comes to trick-or-treating. If your children ask to start going door-to-door in other neighborhoods, it would be helpful to know which neighborhoods are the best for trick-or-treating. Check out our interactive map below to see the best neighborhoods around Omaha for […]

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The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts that Aren’t Cheesy

Topics: Agent News

Let’s face it: if you’re going to buy something for Valentine’s Day, it’s either chocolate, flowers or a stuffed bear. Am I right? Why not break away from the norm this year and find some truly unique and special gifts that everyone will love? Of course, if you’re giving away some emerald earrings, no one […]

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