We’ve all been there: an unexpected snow day stops all activities and you’re stuck trying to entertain and delight children all day long. Some people have traditions firmly rooted for snow days: pigs in a blanket for lunch, movies on the couch in the mornings or hot cocoa with marshmallows before bed. But if you don’t know what to do with your kids during this day, and you don’t want them to sit in front of the television all day watching TV or playing video games, what is there left to do?

Snow Day Activities | CBSHOME

Snow Day Activities | CBSHOME

Board Games:

Board games are a great way to keep kids (and adults!) entertained without screen time. Try something educational like Scrabble, where they can learn to spell or use new words, or something just for fun like Candy Land. There are so many board games that come out often, so check and see what new games there are!


It’s time to put your Pinterest boards to work! The internet is full of tons of craft and DIY ideas, so what better time to complete them than during a snow day? We love this tutorial for making puffy paint for kids to get creative with. If paint is too messy for your house, why not create these DIY marshmallow shooters? Trust us, no kid will be able to resist these fun toys. One of the simplest crafts is to make paper snowflakes. Back in the day, we used to decorate the front door with paper snowflakes to ensure a snow day the next day, so use with caution.


Have the kids pull up a stool and help out in the kitchen. These apple chips are a healthy snack, and super easy to make. The kids will love sprinkling cinnamon-sugar on top of the apple slices. For a sweeter treat, these avalanche bars are to die for. They have peanut butter, marshmallows, chocolate and rice krispies. Who could ask for more?

Coloring Books:

Color books are all the rage right now for adults, and they haven’t gone out of style with kids, either. Put on some music and have a coloring party. Have a contest to see who can stay inside the lines the most or who can color the longest. No coloring books in the house? No problem! Let your little ones get creative and color a picture of their own.

Play in the Snow:

The worst part of being cooped up inside during a snow day is…being cooped up! During the afternoon, go outside and enjoy the snow, especially if the sun is out. Take time to build a snow man, create snow angels or start a snowball fight. It’s perfectly acceptable for everyone to behave like a little kid while playing in the snow…here’s looking at you, Mom and Dad.

Make Homemade Snow Ice Cream:

When you have a fresh coat of snow, it’s so much fun to make snow ice cream. Simply mix together snow and sweetened condensed milk until an ice-cream consistency. Serve with your favorite toppings for a sundae treat. Tip: make sure all the snow gathered is fresh and hasn’t been trampled on by humans or animals.

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