Getting your home to be exactly what you want can be overwhelming. Instead of tackling everything at once, start with smaller projects that take just a couple of days to get your home looking like a ten! Here are seven projects that you can do this weekend!

Quick DIY Projects for the Weekend Warrior | CBSHOME

Quick DIY Projects for the Weekend Warrior | CBSHOME

  1. Paint front door

The color of your front door says a lot about you, so let it reflect your personality and how you decorate your home! Painting your front door a different color is an easy project that doesn’t require a lot of time or tools.

  1. Upcycle furniture

Whether you have old furniture lying around your home, or if you find something you love at a thrift store, you can upcycle something old into something beautiful! Check out these ideas for taking used furniture and sprucing it up.

  1. Stain your deck

Is your deck looking a little worse for wear? You can liven it up with a fresh coat of stain! Wooden decks need freshening up every couple of years, so this is a great and simple way to update your back deck.

  1. Upgrade your outlets to USB outlets

Nearly every electronic charger has a USB cord these days, so simplify your life and add a USB outlet directly to your plugs! This switch is easy and only requires a little bit of electric work. You’ll be so glad you made the switch!

  1. Update address numbers

The front of your home can easily be updated by upgrading your address numbers. You can keep it simple and just swap out the actual numbers, or you can create a beautiful address post with a hanging flower pot to display them. Whatever you choose, this is a simple project that makes a big impact!

  1. Paint cabinets

Tired of your old kitchen cabinets? Update the look by putting on a fresh coat of paint! You can choose a classic look, like white, or choose something daring and trendy like a cool gray. This is a great way to update the look of your kitchen without doing major renovation work.

  1. Upgrade hardware

One of the simplest things you can do to update your home is to swap out old hardware on doors, cabinets and drawers. Find something sleek or funky at your local hardware store, and take a couple hours to make the switch.

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