Just like when you are hiring any professional to do a job for you, you have the option to interview multiple candidates before choosing who to go with. But interviewing a real estate agent can be new territory and you may not know what questions to ask. Here are nine questions to ask in every interview with a Realtor. Still looking for a real estate agent? Head over to cbshome.com to see all of our professionals!

Questions to ask a Realtor in an Interview | CBSHOME

Questions to ask a Realtor in an Interview | CBSHOME

  1. Are you a full-time agent?

Every client has a right to know how much time the Realtor will be putting into helping you with your real estate needs. Being full-time doesn’t mean that the agent is any better than someone who is part-time, but you deserve to know their availability before agreeing to work with them.

  1. Can I see reviews or references?

Now, most Realtors have their reviews listed on their website, so you can look at these ahead of time. But if they don’t have reviews available before meeting, feel free to ask to see some. This will give you a sense of how they work with clients and what their strengths are as a Realtor.

  1. Do you work as part of a team? Will I be working primarily with you?

If your agent is a part of a team, feel free to ask if they are the one who will be contacting you, or if a teammate or assistant will be the one working with you most of the time. You want to get to know everyone you’ll be working with ahead of time, so ask to meet any team members you’d work with.

  1. How will you market/advertise my home?

For home sellers, you’ll want to know exactly what the marketing plan is to get your home sold. Ask for a broken down plan of what will be done – newspaper ads, open houses, flyers, etc. Don’t hesitate to ask for examples of previous marketing they’ve done for past clients.

  1. What is your commission fee?

Talking about money is always uncomfortable, but this is a question that needs to be addressed before deciding on a Realtor. Make sure the commission is a number you are comfortable with and that this is agreed upon before signing any contracts to avoid a surprise.

  1. How will you keep me informed and how often will I receive updates?

Is your Realtor someone who primarily emails or calls? You’ll want to decide on a method of communication that is reliable and easy for both of you. Make sure they have the contact information that you check the most, or ask for them to email multiple email addresses to ensure you get their messages as soon as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask for weekly or even daily updates on what is happening with your sale or home search. Also ask how long they typically take to reply to phone calls or emails.

  1. What’s your experience?

Ask how long they’ve been in the real estate business or what they did before getting into real estate. This will give you a little bit of insight into what their strengths are.

  1. What are your stats?

Don’t be afraid to ask to see some statistics on houses they’ve sold, how long they were on the market and how many sold for asking price or above.

  1. How well do you know the area?

Whether you are buying or selling you home, you want to make sure that your agent understands the area of town where you are looking at or selling in. Feel free to ask what experience they have working in that area and any suggestions they have for marketing or searching for a home.

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