Around this time of year, people start seeking out the spooky and weird. Luckily for everyone hoping for a little thrill, there are many places around Omaha to give you a fright. Check out our list of some of the spookiest places in the area. Beware – there is some pretty scary stuff around here!

Looking for a Good Scare? Check Out These Creepy Places Around Omaha | CBSHOME

Looking for a Good Scare? Check Out These Creepy Places Around Omaha | CBSHOME

Ball Cemetery

Located in Springfield, NE, you’ll find the Ball Cemetery. This cemetery is rumored to be the resting place of witches from the 1800’s. You can supposedly find ghosts walking among the graves at night, orbs and mists appearing in photos, and gravestones that tip over and right themselves. There is no trespassing allowed at this cemetery at night, so get permission before going.

Hummel Park

Myths and legends have long surrounded this park in North Omaha, and thrill-seekers have been flocking to this place for years. First in the long list of weird things at this park are the decaying steps. Each time you try to count these steps, you get a different number. It is rumored these steps lead to a gateway of hell. Back in the earlier days of Omaha, exorcisms and lynchings were rumored to be held here. Now, the park is rumored to be haunted by these poor, unfortunate souls. And look out for the albino farm that is rumored to still be there today.

Black Angel

If you’re traveling to Council Bluffs, try finding the Black Angel in the Fairview Cemetery. This angel was made in the likeness of an angel that appeared in a dream to Teresa Dolezal Feldevert right before she died. Beware of touching or disrespecting the angel in any way; any wrong doing would be punished by this angel. If you see her crying, your fate has been sealed.

Seven Sisters Road

Just south of Nebraska City, a local highway called Road L has been haunted for decades. This extremely hilly road was the sight of a horrific crime when a brother (some accounts say it was a father) was fed up with his seven sisters, and hung each sister from a tree at the top of a different hill on this highway. Driving the road at night will bring you screams and sightings of women coming up from the hills. Be sure to pack an emergency car repair kit. It’s rumored that many cars have stalled and headlights gone out on this road at night.

Villisca Ax Murder House

Take a trip over to Villisca, Iowa and try your hand at the Ax Murder House. This house is open for tours and even overnight stays. The story with this haunted house takes place in 1912, when an entire family and two overnight guests were murdered with an ax. The crime is still unsolved. Visiting this house brings children’s voices, lamps falling over and moving and flying objects.

Where will you be going this October? Be sure to prepare yourself for whatever you see, and maybe just pay a little more attention to the things that go bump in the night. Happy Halloween!

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