This is the time of year when people start to yearn for something fresh and new in their homes. With the cold weather and freezing ground, you can’t plant fresh flowers outside, but you can bring a lovely houseplant indoors to brighten up the winter days. No matter your experience with horticulture, we’ve found a great list of plants for your home.

Indoor Plants to Brighten Up Your Winter | CBSHOME

Indoor Plants to Brighten Up Your Winter | CBSHOME

Aloe: Aloe is super low-maintenance and also serves a purpose! Cut open the leaves and use the fresh aloe for sunburns, itchiness or anything else you’d use aloe vera for. Due to the tropical nature of these plants, they are best grown indoors near a window with lots of sunlight.

Boston Fern: These leafy plants are fairly easy to grow indoors, especially in humid climates. For those living in dry, winter conditions, try misting the plant with a water bottle once a week or setting it on a bed of rocks.

Succulents: Super adorable and fairly easy to manage, these little cuties are a good choice for indoor plants, especially during the wintertime. You can choose from many different types and colors, or even mix and match succulents in a beautiful little indoor garden!

Poinsettia: Perfect for the holidays! These gorgeous holiday flowers are a festive addition to your home during Christmastime. They don’t last forever, but with proper care, they can last until the spring!

Shamrock: Usually sold in the early springtime, shamrocks are a cute flowering plant that is great for the house or outside. Set these plants in indirect sunlight and allow them to dry out during dormancy.

Croton: Known for their brightly colored, variegated leaves, these plants to great in warm parts of the house. Try placing them in brightly lit locations and keep the soil evenly watered. If the vibrancy of the leaves starts to wane, it may be time to try them in a different location of the house.

Orchids: Beautiful, but fussy. If you’ve got a green thumb, try out one of these gorgeous tropical flowers. The key is less watering than other houseplants. Aim for watering every 5 to 12 days. Be sure to place these plants in lots of sunlight.

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