One of the most difficult things for a real estate agent to master is putting themselves out there for new clients to find. A tried and true method of real estate marketing is to farm a specific subdivision that you feel comfortable with and have ties to.

But what does it mean to farm a neighborhood? Farming means consistently marketing to a neighborhood and hoping to get clients, leads or listings from your efforts. We’re sharing our favorite ways to market yourself to neighbors and hope these ideas can pay off big for you in the end.

How to Farm a Subdivision as a Realtor | CBSHOME

How to Farm a Subdivision as a Realtor | CBSHOME

  1. Send monthly mailers

Many people like to consistently send mail to a specific neighborhood to build up name recognition. Consider sending a postcard with a monthly list of local events or a newsletter with market statistics. When you send out postcards boasting a new listing or a property that has just sold, send those to the subdivision you are farming so they can see your activity as well. This is the easiest and most passive way to farm a neighborhood.

  1. Knock on doors

Don’t be afraid to go old fashion and knock on doors in that neighborhood. Many people still respect and appreciate hard work and effort when they see it, and it can be difficult to knock on someone’s door to sell yourself as a real estate agent. When listing a new property, knock on doors in a radius and ask if people are considering selling their home and how you can help. IF you are working on a budget, be sure to do this – it’s free advertising!

  1. Hang door hangers

A lot of people toss junk mail when they receive it in the mail, but they are more likely to notice a door hanger. Take time to walk the neighborhood and hang door hangers explaining who you are and your services to the homeowners. Be sure to list the reasons why they should choose you as their Realtor and how they can get in contact with you.

  1. Research market statistics

Knowing your numbers is an important factor of being a good real estate agent, but if you are specializing in a certain neighborhood, you’ll want to know those numbers as well. Are houses selling quickly or staying on the market? Are they selling over or under asking price? Maybe there isn’t a lot of activity, but buyers are interested in the area. Know these facts and be able to hold a conversation about the subdivision with homeowners. Showing that you are the expert in their area will make you seem like a more viable candidate.

  1. Tour open houses

If there is an open house being held in the neighborhood, be sure to stop by and see it for yourself – even if it isn’t your listing! You’ll be able to see the inside of the home, and you might even have a buyer that would be interested in that property. Even if you don’t have any active buyers, if the open is in the subdivision you are focusing on, you’ll want to know about all the real estate activity going on.

  1. Pop by with promos

A couple of times a year consider dropping by your subdivision with pop-by promotional items. These could be flags for Independence Day or windshield cleaner in the winter. Put your business card or contact information on the gift so the next time your item is seen or used by the homeowner, they’ll remember your name. Name recognition is key in real estate! If they know someone who wants to sell, or when the time comes for them to sell a home, you want to make sure your name is the first one on their mind!


How do you farm subdivisions? What have you done that works for you? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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