Christmas lights are nothing new. We see them on houses and trees every year in pretty much the same way. What if there were some cool new ways you could put these lights to work? We’ve thought up some innovative ways to make your holidays shine in a whole new light.

Creative Ways to Decorate with Twinkle Lights | CBSHOME

Creative Ways to Decorate with Twinkle Lights | CBSHOME

Photo Backdrop

With the holidays always come parties. Office parties, New Year’s Eve parties, Ugly Sweater parties…you get the idea. But what’s one thing that’s at every party? Photos! Designate an area in the room for pictures to be taken and create a lighted photo backdrop with string lights. Go even further and create your own photo booth with holiday-themed props.

Wrap the Dog

Or even the kids for that matter. This will make the cutest holiday photo ever, trust us. Try taking the photo outside in the snow for dogs or in front of the fireplace or tree for kids. Once you’re done, Instagram the photo using the perfect filter. Everyone will be jealous how #blessed you are.

Decorate the Kitchen

If your kitchen cabinets have a gap between the top and the ceiling, consider grabbing some white twinkle lights and loosely wrapping them in red or green tulle. Drape them on top of the cabinets for a holiday glow that fills up that blank space. These could also be wrapped around stair railings or columns.

Hurricane Glow

If you have empty glass hurricanes that you don’t know what to do with, ball up some twinkle lights and put them inside the glass. Another idea is to fill the hurricanes with colored ornaments and weave the lights throughout the glass. Put them on a fireplace or mantle to make a statement.

Make the Windows Shine

Most people put lights on the outside of their house. But what about the people who live in apartments? Line lights on the inside of windows to create a glow that is both inside and outside. This is also great for really cold climates because it doesn’t require any outdoor work.

The Ornate Office

Many workplaces allow employees to decorate their space as they want. Why not bring some lights into work and decorate your own desk? Better yet, grab some coworkers to join you and you can really make the office shine.

Holiday Card Display

Drape the lights along a wall in a zig-zag pattern and attach the holiday cards to it with a clothes pin. Many people display their cards during the holiday season and this is a way to really light them up.

Light Up Canvas

Painting a canvas is super easy. But you can really make a unique piece of art by poking holes in a painted canvas and thread some twinkle lights through. This is perfect for an “O Holy Night” painting or a festive Christmas tree drawing.

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