You’ve probably noticed that mason jars are everywhere these days. You’ll see people use them in crafts, for organizing and even for cooking. Here are some clever uses for mason jars that we love!

Clever Uses for Mason Jars | CBSHOME

Clever Uses for Mason Jars | CBSHOME

  1. Milk frother

If you love having a latte or cappuccino in the morning, but don’t want the expensive machine to make them at home, you can froth your own milk in a mason jar! Pour some milk in the jar and put the lid back on. Shake until milk is frothed and pour in a mug of coffee.

  1. Flower vase

These jars are perfect for a simple, rustic flower vase. Use one, or fill multiples with flowers and display them around your home. They’re great for centerpieces on tables or for simple flowers on a nightstand.

  1. Salad container

Having lunch on the go? Put your salad in a mason jar for easy storage. Start with dressing on the bottom and work your way up to lettuce on the top. When you’re ready to eat, shake to spread the dressing and start eating!

  1. Gift container

Mason jars are a great container for small gifts to give to friends and loved ones. Make themed presents like a spa kit with nail polish, nail file and clippers, a cookie kit with cookie dough ingredients, or a cocktail kit with ingredients for your favorite drink!

  1. Cheese grater

Make your own at-home cheese grater perfect for parmesan by drilling holes in the lid of your mason jar, and sanding down one side. Put the rough side up on your mason jar and grate the cheese right into the jar!

  1. Nail polish remover

Place a few sponges in your mason jar and pour in nail polish remover to moisten the sponges. Then stick your finger in the jar and move it around until your polish is removed!

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