During the summer months, it can be difficult to stay focused and keep being productive during the day. With this exceptional weather we’ve been having lately, it’s even harder to stay focused when there are a million other things you could be doing. If you’re having trouble being productive, follow these tips to get you back on track.

5 Tips to Boost Your Productivity | CBSHOME

5 Tips to Boost Your Productivity | CBSHOME

  1. Set goals and map out a game plan

Schedule all necessary tasks first, then block out a little free time for yourself. Having something to look forward to will help engage you and make you determined to finish your work.

  1. Use your time wisely

Remember that being busy doesn’t equate to being productive. Make sure your actions are goal-oriented. Outsource any tasks that can be easily delegated to team members or family members.

  1. Avoid multitasking

Instead, focus on one responsibility at a time. Determine what your priority items are, and tackle those first. Then return to the less important tasks. When you do too many things at once, it’s difficult to do each of them well.

  1. Limit distractions

While working on larger tasks, turn off things like your cell phone, television and email so you can completely focus. If you find yourself being distracted by things like social media or coworkers, allow yourself a five-minute break once an hour before returning to work.

  1. Set strict time limits on meetings and calls

Make sure each minute is productive, and be clear on the next steps for each attendee. Take good notes so you can easily follow up later. If you find the call running over and you have other tasks, don’t be afraid to excuse yourself.

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