The number one new year’s resolution made in the United States is to lose weight or get into shape. Achieving this goal is done by eating right, watching your portion sizes and of course, getting lots of exercise. But just running on a treadmill at the gym gets boring fast. That’s why we’re obsessed with studios that offer unique and fun group exercise or classes to help you get in shape. Here are some of our favorite locations in Omaha to sweat it out.

13 Workout Places in Omaha to Whip You into Shape | CBSHOME

13 Workout Places in Omaha to Whip You into Shape | CBSHOME

  1. Kosama

Does your weight loss routine include lifting weights and pumping iron? Kosama is a boot-camp style gym that focuses on lifting. They’re not about a gimmicky program that will make you gain the weight back later; they help develop habits, skills and confidence needed to transform your life.

  1. Pure Barre

Since 2001, the unique workout of Pure Barre has been changing bodies across the nation. They focus their exercises around a ballet barre to perform small, isometric movements which burn fat, sculpt muscles and create long, lean physiques.

  1. Jazzercise

Jazzercise is making a comeback! They were pioneers in the group fitness movement, and are still around for you to dance out some calories. They offer different types of dance workouts like Dance Mixx, Strike, Fusion, Interval and Core. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find something that speaks to your inner fitness guru.

  1. Farrell’s Extreme Body Shaping

Farrell’s is for you if you’re looking for a total weight-loss program that will keep you accountable by taking attendance and offers a regimented meal plan. Farrell’s also guarantees results, so this is great for people wanting a weight and lifestyle change in 2017!

  1. Lotus House of Yoga

With six different styles of yoga classes, Lotus is for the yoga lover! They have classes ranging from relaxing to vigorous to fix your fitness level and lifestyle. They also offer cycling, barre classes and other events to make your workouts fun and exciting!

  1. Sweat Cycle Strength

Sweat Cycle Strength is a great workout studio that offers spinning classes, TRX, Pilates and yoga. Not only do they teach classes for a good workout, they incorporate a specific sense of motivation and inspiration to all of their classes. When you leave a class, you’ll feel both empowered and strong!

  1. TITLE Boxing Club

Get out your aggression with a great boxing workout from TITLE. They teach authentic full-body boxing workouts that change your body, clear your mind and completely engage your spirit. Joining a boxing class will quickly become addictive and you’ll love the results!

  1. Orange Theory

Can’t decide between a personal trainer or group classes? Orange Theory offers the best of both worlds with group personal training workouts. Their workout techniques are backed by the science of EPOC and can have you burning calories for up to 36 hours after your workout.

  1. Well Mama

So often when people talk about fitness, they leave out pregnant women! When you are carrying a child, fitness looks a little different, and Well Mama knows all about that! They offer many types of classes including yoga, barre, and even stroller classes for mothers of all stages.

  1. Pilates Center of Omaha

A complete Pilates studio, Pilates Center of Omaha, has fully trained and enthusiastic instructors to help give you the best Pilates workout possible. You can choose to have private sessions, or attend a small group class – whatever fits your needs. Their goal is to help make you a healthier and happier person – what are you waiting for?

  1. Aerial Bombshell

Looking for a new workout craze that will get you burning tons of calories? Check out Aerial Bombshell where you can learn to workout using pole fitness and hammock workouts. These innovative workouts are great for building muscle and burning calories!

  1. The Barre Code

With a new workout style that includes a ballet barre, The Barre Code offers many types of workouts to try. You can start with their cornerstone workout, Barre Code, or turn up the heat with Burn, where the temperature rises to 95 degrees! They also offer cardio and restoration workouts to try.

  1. Elevate Cycling & Fitness

Elevate offers a unique workout experience that will leave your mind, body and soul feeling rejuvenated. They teach daily classes that include cycling, barre, yoga and training. If you’re looking for a workout studio with lots of options, this would be a great fit for you!

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