Buy Your Home Today: Understanding Why It’s a Bad Idea to Try and Time the Mortgage Market

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It’s often the case that people will opt to postpone home ownership until the best rates are available or it’s a more stable investment, but in an ever-shifting market it may not be the best decision to put such a sizeable investment off. Here are some reasons you may want to start putting your time into searching for a home.

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October 17 2016

Shelly Ragan

What’s Ahead For Mortgage Rates This Week – October 17, 2016

Topics: Mortgage Rates

Job openings were lower in August after hitting an all-time high in July according to the federal government. Job openings fell to 5.44 million in August as compared to July’s reading of 5.83 million job openings, Job openings reached 5.31 million in August of 2015. Job quits were unchanged in August with a reading of 3.0 million quits; the quits rate was 2.20 percent. There were 5.4 million hires in August as compared to 5.8 million hires in July. The hiring rate held steady at 3.60 percent.

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The 5 Secrets to Hosting an Open House That Leads to Multiple Offers

Topics: Home Seller Tips

Open houses are a debatable topic with real estate agents. Some say they aren’t necessary in the age of the internet when options can be narrowed online. Others argue that closing yourself off will limit the number of possible buyers.

What everybody agrees on is that hosting an open house is an art that requires some tricks to pull off successfully. Here are five to try out.

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