Winter is Here: Prepare Your House with These Three Home Maintenance Tips

Topics: Around The Home

With colder temperatures starting you’ll need to spend an hour or two getting your home ready to deal with the possibility of harsher weather and below-freezing temperatures, depending on where you live. Let’s take a look at a few quick home maintenance tips that will help you get your house ready for the cold of winter.

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The 3 Minute Guide to Real Estate “Flipping” and How to Get Moving Today

Topics: Home Buyer Tips

If you’ve been thinking about investing in a real estate project you may have considered buying a distressed house or two at a steep discount in order to fix them up and sell them at a higher price. This is known as “flipping”, and in today’s post we’ll share a quick guide to flipping homes and how to get started with this type of real estate investing.

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November 19 2014

Andy Bock

Does Staging Your House Work?

Topics: Agent News

When it comes to selling a house I am very open minded about trying new ideas.  In fact I’ll try the same idea several times to see if it makes any difference in the home selling process.  Take home staging for example. Staging really exploded on the scene during the real estate downturn.  Prior to […]

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