The Quick and Easy Guide to Understanding the Math Behind Your Mortgage Closing Costs

Topics: Home Mortgage Tips

It’s amazing that in a year with extremely low mortgage rates being reported around the country, closing costs are up by as much as 6% from the previous year. Part of the reason for this is that the stricter regulations on loans have increased the costs to banks, and they always find a way to pass on new costs to the consumer.

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Ignore ‘The Bubble’ Talk – 3 Reasons Why This is an Excellent Time to Buy Real Estate

Topics: Home Buyer Tips

While a gloomy outlook on the real estate market can strike fear in some hearts and may deter a purchase until a later date, the fact is that this is an excellent time to purchase property. In fact, there are three good reasons why potential buyers may want to start moving forward with their buying plans soon.

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The Cutest Nebraska Football Things You Need this Fall

Topics: Agent News

It’s football season in Nebraska! We all love to watch the game and participate in the fun, but we also like to support our favorite team…even when they’re not playing. So grab your credit cards; you’ll want to do some shopping for Nebraska football everything today! Decorate your home with this super cute “I Love […]

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What’s Ahead For Mortgage Rates This Week – September 14, 2015

Topics: Market Outlook

A short week after the Labor Day Holiday provided a slack schedule for economic news. Bloomberg reported that residential investment for the second quarter of 2015 represented 3.34 percent of the Gross Domestic Product. Compared to the long-term average reading of 4.56 percent, analysts said that the Q2 15 reading suggested pent-up demand in the housing market that could help propel the economy through any setbacks that could occur when the Fed raises rates.

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