Master the Autumn Home Buying Season With Our Guide to Finding Local Real Estate Bargains

Topics: Home Buyer Tips

Most people have a good idea of the neighborhood they want to purchase a new home in. The problem is finding a great deal in the area, especially if it’s a neighborhood that’s very popular. Thinking outside the box and avoiding the standard real estate listings can result in some bargain properties for sale that most people are completely unaware of.

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An Interactive Map of the Best Neighborhoods for Trick-or-Treating in Omaha

Topics: Omaha

As kids get a little older, they like to expand their horizons when it comes to trick-or-treating. If your children ask to start going door-to-door in other neighborhoods, it would be helpful to know which neighborhoods are the best for trick-or-treating. Check out our interactive map below to see the best neighborhoods around Omaha for […]

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Understanding Appraisals and What to Do If Your Home Doesn’t Appraise for Its Purchase Price

Topics: Home Mortgage Tips

It can be a bit of a surprise if your home turns out to be valued at less than the purchase price offered, but this is the type of thing that can occur in an appraisal situation. While this can change everything from your contract to the amount of your down payment, if your home has been appraised at less than you envisioned, here are some options you may want to consider.

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