Selling Your Home to The Next Generation of Home Buyers: The Little Details That Matter

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So, you’ve had the talk. You’re ready to move outward and onward. There’s only one problem: how do you sell a house to a generation that doesn’t seem to be buying homes? The common narrative we’ve been reading in the media is that millennials are those young adults that still live in their parent’s basement. […]

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How Safe is Your Home from a Fire? Learn How to Run a Quick Fire Safety Assessment

Topics: Around The Home

A fire can rage through your home at a moment’s notice, and it can cause a significant amount of damage in a very short period of time. Damage from the flames, intense heat, smoke and soot can cause tens of thousands of dollars or more in some cases, and a severe fire event can result in a total loss for the homeowner.

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FOMC Statement: Federal Reserve Discusses Rate Increase, but Concerned About Growth

Topics: Market Outlook

The post-meeting statement of the Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Market Committee indicated that while the Fed is considering raising its target rate as early as June, the agency is in no hurry to cast anything in cement. The statement cited stronger labor markets and low unemployment rates as encouraging, but noted that FOMC members remain concerned about economic growth due to low inflation failing to meet the FOMC goal of two percent.

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How Paying Your Bills On Time In Your 20′s Can Help Buy Your First Home

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Best Practices For Young People Planning To Buy a Home In The Future Understanding the way credit works early in your adult life, can allow you to develop a plan for your entire financial future. That can be integral when it comes time to purchasing a home. Paying your Bills on Time is Vital When […]

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